Word Threads…..May 22, 2012

May 31

Hello Folks!

Word Threads got  off to a very busy start, last week , what with all the

preparations going on for our grand smash Party of Thursday Evening,

the 24th of  May, 2012.  Kudos to our poets who read their own work!  To

those poets unable to attend; well, we want you to know that substitute readers

stepped into your shoes proclaiming your poems to an applauding audience!

Well Done Everyone!


From the week of  May 15, 2012, we have a few new poems inspired by the work

of Miss Emily Dickinson.  Beginning with our own Mr. Robale L. Tyler who



“Poems of Emily Dickinson”

Mrs. Emily Dickinson ‘s meaning of her/or this poem…….

In THIS short life

That only lasts an hour,

How much, how little,

Is Within OUR POWER!

MY meaning of this particular poem is that IN This

particular, unpleasant life of our’s which is only for one night, let me keep you

near. It will be so nice, just only for one more night,  night,   night,     nig-ht,

ight,    ight,    for only one R.L.T.   ight.    By:  the late, Mr. Luther Vandross -

an all time vocalist in his own right has written many, many, and many, on-top

of many love song’s who has inspired me to write this about this particular

intellectual of a love song, for a poem of my own right,  and to be able to

experience love and baby – lovemaking on various heartless attempts to inquire

about making Love on this particular song, as well, as my – own two beautiful

children, as well as Mother who also made me……of…….of  Teddy Pendergrass,

a song called that comes to me as a sweet melody of percussion and sweet baby-

lovemaking call “Turn off the lights and play a love song” who also has inspired

me to pay close attention to every woman’s needs and wants and mishaps and

preparations of exertion of being exhausted from being kinship to the beloved

Diane Ross who  has also inspired me to listen as well as to adventure out and to

break barriers of certain understanding of one’s mind ….

Robale L. Tyler will have more to say very soon. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Sharoun writes:

I asked about  poem, the lady to me says write about home……..

HOME is where I want to be,

Not living in a Shelter,

Not living in a house, but, only..

A place where peace, joy and happiness RAINS,

And, Sweet like a honey comb.


Judy B. says….

I sit at this table with people around this table of plastic and steel.

We are alive telling about what is important for us and what we see right now today.

Today is a day for writing and seeing what is important for each one in the room and at this table.

I see and hear five others writing and thinking.

The books of bright painings from the past shine brightly VanGogh’s world was b right.

He had a difficult time but he painted many bright (V) canvases of color and brilliance



someone wrote……

i   CAN’T THI N K ………………………………………..

B U T    M Y    P E N          W O R Ksssssss.

IT ‘S   A    P E R S I S T E N T     L I L’     B O O G ER