Word Threads, May 15, 2012

May 15

Hello Folks,

Walt Whitman wowed us all last week, when

we read aloud from his celebrated collection

of poems,   Leaves of Grass.


Robale T. Tyler thought and wrote….

Mr. Walt Whitman was R.L.T. nine,

Still a heart felt individual,  a true poet

Of  creativity…………. During his day of time,

he has seen in the World around him

And expressed different triumphs of

Sovereignity, of surrender, of freedom, of

All Truth about people and situations of all

Sorts of  life,  of creations from Little to

Medium, and Big things, as well, even of

Things of such (pain) in which people are

All even.   Certain people of all ethnic

Backgrounds, who haven’t ever come to

Grasp, or been to think, or hasn’t even thought

to imagine what was going on around

Them, and R.L.T. failed  to realize that life is

much much more……………………….

Bigger than most people ever come to

Think,  or  even, never thought to think…..

To and that, well,  R.L.T. all has will.

And (all) have a diverse and ordained,

prehistorical purpose to fill whether its

Good or bad.  At the end of our ethnic

Backgrounds of all sorts in all different points

of the world –  Within itself,  we R.L.T. must

Force the realities of a heaven or hell

And that is a Must reality check    - LIFE!!!!!!!

The Eternal Heavenly Maker and the Father

of  Eternal  Hell.


Mary C. listened and wrote…..

WALT WHITMAN, journeyman, You

Rastarfarian, you Walt Whitman believe

In me, my brother, my sister, my city, we -

You have seen the flowering soldier souls

Lift from the earth towards the everbeing


Planet Walt, you sing our songs mild, so I

Lean in and YEARN for each your word,

Alone! Struggle as I do with feelings bitter

You show a way, the private release! Oh Joy!

Nature, embolden me as Walt has shown -

Let rain fall by buckets, build my Ferocity as a

Match to Walt…. Cry loudly, I will,  at the harm

To soil, sky, and sea –   To the harm done

By one onto another, the other, my child

WALT, my father, let your word mild & loud

fill me…  In turn, I sing of thee

Erica D. wrote on May 8th, 2012

Oh Walt, How could you be concerned

That we would not have a memory, a

Memento, an infusion, in our souls

From your beginning to your toils,

To bring to the present like a periennal

And carry forth in a tome.


A case, a seed, a sun, the earth’s soil,

Walt, you spred discernable jam on

The now palatable wheat bread we ingest.


Judy B-W  also wrote on Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Walt Whitman, your are trying to bring people

Together, (and) you see diversity of people (already) in the

The United States and more people who

Immigrate into our states, as the best thing

(about) America can offer.

You realize that these new peoples aren’t sure

Who they are because they’ve lost relatives to the

War and some have left behind another land

To move to America.  It is a difficult journey

For all the peoples who are here.  You see

beauty and hope is possible through all this

Effort of so many people.