Word Threads June 4, 2012

Aug 12


Empowerment – Uhm. . . . .

by Mary C.


Empower me once homeless

Empower me now still alone

Empower me with friends of note – for freedom of thought


Empower the homeless

Fortify your infrastructure, Delonis!

Put money into internet connectivity


Empower the homeless so they know to search

Online for jobs.

Empower HOPE – show

HOPE is doorway of bright sun & strength


Empower our homeless women with safety

Provide them security with a place to be

Alive within


Empower our newly freed men

Captured by law supercilious

Men society named prisoner


Empower men and women with name and family

Who love and suffer

Shackled to city walls


Empower my community

All in residence homeless

Homed – Ann Arbor

* * * * * * * *