Word Threads, July 17, 2012

Jul 17

Hello Folks!

Wow! Can you believe it?  Today is Tuesday, July 17th, 2012!  The Ann Arbor

Summer Street Art Fair is about to be unleashed upon us all, so happily!  Yet,

heat rules each day of the fair; so,

Be cautious in your dress and gait;

Move smoothly and slow;

Be kind and smile all you can!

Drink water!

Take short rests!


We think these brief tips might help you avoid sunstroke!

on Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 the first day of the 2012

Ann Arbor’s  Street  Art  Fair.


Our poets seem to have taken their summer vacations a little early this summer;

so, forgive us for having no new poems to post last week!  Today’s entries,

hopefully, will make up for where we were short on the 10th of July, 2012.


Today, Tuesday, July 17th, 2012, love has taken hold of Ann Arbor; exemplified,

by this week’s poets who have been more than generous in their offerings, via

the editor, to SESHAT, the Egyptian Goddess of the written word


Al Boomer, for one,  has authored a ‘Blessing Poem” for me to give to SESHAT

by way of first allowing all readers to interact with his poem by re-naming

their own sweet-heart’s in place of gentle Peggy, Al’s own special one.


“A Name Changing Poem”

Thankfully Blest


‘A woman fills her life with many hopes and dreams’

Growing from many different things.

“On spirit filled days, her spirit will arise way up into

The clouds.”


And on her working days she deals with many

Different crowds!   From Springtime  until

Winter, Seasons change through out the year.


But, one thing that shines constant is her

Uplifting cheer!  Peggy  is the woman I’ve

Written of, so dear and always, Thankfully,

Blest whenever she is near.


Alfred L. Bommer



“From Al”

Blessings from Above

Upon a wonderful dream

you were sent

to me, before we


A glowing vision I know

in my heart

You were heaven sent.”

Blessing my days and

even my nights

with your glow, in my

heart, shining ever so bright.”


As we walk hand

in hand, I promise

to hold on to you tight.


All of  my days and

all of my



Alfred L. Bommer



Mary C. wrote:






Magic has a

definite day and

time to begin -


Dig this!  It begins

on Wednesday,

tomorrow, July 18th

at 9:00am.


Do you dig this?

You don’t have

to bring anything

BUT,  your body,

spirit, and open Mind!


You get it!  Open

your eyes to

the open

channels available

to all……


Color, lines,

textures, smooth and rough

devoid the darkness -

Light can’t be stopped.


Dig this!


Poem II

by Mary C


Edgar can you

hear me?


Al sang about

you, just now


Said you had the

mystery all wrapped up -


Said pre-cognition is

your way -


Understand the

natural way-


Thats what Edgar says -


let the stars

Above be your guide


As Edgar sleeps so does

the earth


Dig this – as Edgar

says -




As in:  Be one

with all time -


Move with centuries

as they cross in a seconds

glance -


And discover your

message as sung by the

Angels,  as Edgar’s

stories tell……  -

so, they told Al.


Alfred L. Bommer and Mary C. collaborated on the following poem

“The Moon”

“The moon far above

twinkels all through the


Amen, brother, I see

your sky, held floating

yellow, white, and cool

cool blue planet like

MOON –  Faint, a celestial song

begins to beat……


(any reader who’d like to add a few words of their to the poem Al & Mary C.

began, please feel free and make your additions under the “comments” section of

our website!)



The following two poems by Kristjàn Kogerma 734-662-2829. ….albeit, not

written specifically to honor SESHAT, but to another ancient who is best

identified by Kristjàn, himself:


Kogerma 1

Two Poems Dedicated to BASHO

(BASHO was the best Haiku master who travelled around Japan in the 1700′s)

(A special game written, don’t often deal in)

by Kristjàn I. Kogerma, MA

signed by Kristjàn I. Kogerma



I   Japan                           II  HEL

I   Japan

Who was the last Samurai?

That cannot be spoken of

Who was the Seventeenth Samurai?

Only the bones in the graveyard know,

And the winter wind whistling through

Crisp, brown leaves, and the male cats fighting over their women



GW had an exorcism.

All’s well.

Rosemary had a puppy.

That Satanic bitch.

(Keep in mind this is perfectly

written vesper English language image

and dark humor of soldiers of all sorts)



Folks! Thanks to all for your reading of the quiet words here spoken in

great strength and passion by the homed and homeless of Ann Arbor