Our News:

We will be exhibiting at the Downtown Public Library beginning on June 3!

The weekly meetings have moved to Saturdays, noon-ish (right after Delonis). Please email us for notes of previous meetings.

Look to the right for all upcoming events (Fridays at Delonis, vigils, and occasional parties).

Check out Orian’s articles in the January 2012 and October 2012 issue of Groundcover!

Also check out our youtube channel, for our talks in front of the city council and for some videos of performances at our end of summer party!


In the Media:

“Imagine Community assists homeless after Occupy Ann Arbor ends,” 26 April 2012,

“Urban Exile: Head of Shelter Association Claims Homelessness Is A “Lifestyle”,” 6 Jan. 2012,

“DDA Lifts Parking Rates, Sets 2012 Calendar,” 6 Jan. 2012,

“In tough times, let’s focus on keeping Ann Arbor’s warming center open,” 11 Dec 2011,

“415 W. Washington not a good site for 24-hour warming center, Ann Arbor officials say,” 11 Dec. 2011,

” Occupy Ann Arbor leaders on a mission to open new 24-hour warming center before winter hits,” 24 Nov. 2011,