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This page will feature the writing of the Imagine Community on Friday mornings (new day!)

Beginning April 24, meet us at Delonis at 8:45 a.m.


See below the first batch of beautiful creativity, and please follow these links to the other sessions:

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June 4, 2012: Empowerment

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Led by Mary Conway


Green the color of serenity
That all pure an clean
At least, to me.

@Mike B.

Funny mad people
Wind blows them down, falling
Calm, nothing, gone.

@Rebecca Faircloth

Individual is
A person which represents
A man, woman, boy or girl
Which is a noun.

@Robale Tyler

Sicilian Detroit
Onion skin, the black soul speaks
Unique ness looms beneath

@Mary C.


So Folks! Last week at WORD THREADS, we wrote about the paintings and color of Vincent Van Gogh.

Here are a few of the poems written from WORD THREADS May Day celebration of Vincent Van Gogh. We hope you enjoy!

Robale Tyler writes on Van Gogh’s painting,

“Outdoor Cafe at Night”

Outdoor Cafe at Night represents to me, as a First time Van Gogh spectator his art, his Sense of creativity, and also he describes to Me……

(how)…..To Be- is that different? Couples
Are hanging out, conversing amongst each Other.

Talking about various and different, questionable issues that deal with life in General

Or, (in) nonsense that’s relevant to the (right) conversation, (or not)
Judy B-W writes………..

The sunflowers are golden-orange-and-yellow-and ever green.

These colors are bright and make me feel
Freer than this gloomy day in May.

The country music plays in background,
Telling me that someone feels like dancing Fast. But, here five people writing……

Is it best to write fast?
Maybe fast writing is the way some try to journal,

Not thinking too hard, but just writing and
Expecting to find out
What I’m thinking…

Erica Dunham writes…………….

When I first went to the Van Gogh Museum,
I had to quickly rush, past all the visitors,
to the way out.

My mind was in revulsion and the contortions I
Felt grasped my feet and legs.

My eyes were averted and I felt dizzy among all the people.

Outdoors I was in a calmer space,
Yet full of all the unimaginable and many
Unanswered expectations, that swirled and Furied in dried paint, that was an alive amoeba
Of words and glimmer.

A security guard held the stately atmosphere inside.

Poised examiners dwelled philosophically as Their calm, straight clothing contrasted with the intensity striking out of each art work.

I hadn’t paid an admission fee. No tickets or
Charges were policy.

I felt lost I had given part of my soul
Being there.

and Mary Conway writes…

of yellow streets and blue blue skies
Vincent, Vincent, Vincent Van Gogh,
He carries all with light,

Swirling shafts of yellow light, so blinding,
So, squinting eyes close tight and with their Minds enter inside one Aries room remembering Where to put green chairs and a yellow bed

A room that is lifting aft a wobbly sky sealed Off, behind one single, day lite window of Leaded glass through which we make stucco Creamy yellow town walls turned again inside

The empty, heated room floats and soon the Eyes of many come to conclude with question How Vincent Van Gogh did paint with gold, the
Power of the Earth, the SUN.
By 10:30 am, last Tuesday, Word Threads decided to do one great collaboration poem.
We all wrote a few lines each, added them together and gave birth to our very own…


Candlelight occupies the soft grass seat…

Into a comfortable solace, slipping into
Another realm of dashes, dots, and wonder…

There’s a candle on the seat of the chair,
And a light on the wall…

The chair represents sitting down and relaxing
The body of tired anguish, and the candle
Represents light of the world,
And the book represents an open-mind of many
More opportunities and privileges that an Individual with a wise mind to learn to read,
And also to understand the meaning of that Book, and the knowledge to be able to Interpret what’s fictional, reasonable to be Real…

Candle, books, and chair,
What more, for a perfect evening…

The chair sits on the carpet
A lit candle and two Gods sit on the chair…

At night the cafe wall is bright yellow…

So, I held my cup of expresso, and told him,
Yes, let’s stay one more week on our

A night out with couples on an evening stroll, Talking about or (mingling) about the evening
That one ( or two..) are sharing among Themselves, and describing about the evening
Air of town that represents people…

Sodium light is gas light
But, its function suffices…

It looks so bright, the street
So full of people, but…

Full tummies wander for company in the Twilight burst of Van Gogh’s village
Sky, I one of your stars stare on…


Finally, this one last poem, by anonymous

Capturing light.

do you have light?

What are the most important things
We have in this society?

Is it money? No.

Is it prestige? Hardly.

What is it then, that we do to each other
Which seems to conflict with what should
Be our better natures.

I find fulfillment is found in the
Little things.

Not grandiose, as some might like.

When do we always have to treat things like
We are part if some interstellar
Cosmic debris?

Why does there always have to be some intense meaning?

And, why does the move to be such
Waste when so many people are starving.

To be at odds with nature is to be at odds
With oneself.

I think simplicity, in all of its forms,
Should be what were striving for.

I think sewing is more important than


The bubble that will express the laugh -
Inside Burst! Ruffles of a treasured blanket…