Who We Are

What is the Imagine Community?

Please see a wonderful introduction packet (http://imaginewarmingcenters.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/introduction-package.pdf)

Imagine Community is an organization working since October 2011 to promote friendship and cooperation between homed and homeless people through creativity and skill sharing. We believe that no one should sleep outside in the Michigan winter, and everyone should have a space to explore their creativity, talent and productivity. Our goal is to open a community center in Ann Arbor that would serve as an educational and social center for the entire Ann Arbor community. We have organized various awareness raising activities: planting communal gardens, speaking at county and city government meetings, holding weekly vigils, marching in the Fourth of July Parade, and curating an art exhibit at the Downtown Public Library.

Since April 2012, we have been facilitating an arts and music activity center at the Delonis Center (312 W. Huron St.) twice a week, where individuals, who are homeless or recently homed, strengthen interpersonal and life skills, and develop their talents. We also hold a resume workshop on Fridays.

We aim to increase the visibility of homeless people as creative, productive and resourceful individuals who, in spite of the hardships they are currently experiencing, have much to contribute to the Ann Arbor community as a whole. Our art work is our collective effort to imagine a more just, understanding and beautiful world.

In one meeting at St. Andrew’s we did the work of imagining our communal space, and this is what came out: