Day time

Jan 22

As an update, no one is monitoring the emails or comments or paypal. I will take down this site soon as well. You may know that there are now day time rotating warming centers in A2. This isn’t the 24-hour year-long kind of space we were hoping for, but it’s cool that it exists. The moneys that were raised through our couple of years of operation were...

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Sep 30

Hello. We have been a bit understaffed… If you are interested in skill-sharing, homelessness and social justice, I’d love to hear from you, start things going again. Thanks, s.

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Imagine Harvest Party

Oct 20

Please come to Hathaway Hideaway (310 S. Ashley) on Nov. 9 (Sat), 6 p.m., for a Harvest Benefit Party. There will be cider and donuts, hats, gloves, and socks, music, art, games....

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